Ginger Black Analytics Letting the data do the talking

If I carry on doing what I am doing, will my business grow?

We retrospectively analyse historic customer data to identify and highlight growth/decline/anomalies/successes in order to identify your growth potential.

Ginger Black Analytics Letting the data do the talking

Intelligent Forecast Modelling

Utilising our bottom up approach, we analyse each segment of your database across a number of metrics. Strengthened with historic performance insights, we deliver accurate medium to long term business forecasts

Your customers are the life blood of the business

Understanding how they flow into, through and out of the business facilitates accurate forecasting from year one onwards.

As your business attracts new customers and as single purchasers become either multi purchasers or lapse and move away they are constantly generating valuable insights. Coupled with historic data, our data scientists can accurately predict how the business will grow in the coming months and years

What if I recruited more customers, had relativley more single buyers converting to multi buyers; what would my turnover look like compared to if I carry on doing what I am doing? Forecast Single Buyers Year 1 Turnover Multi Buyers within the same year Customers that go on to buy again the following year Customers that do not go on to order again Single Buyers Multi Buyers Lapsing Year 1/2 New Customers Same level of new customers but less people transited to multi customers within the same year - overall affect was growth due to single buyers and multi from previous year buying again Year 2 Turnover New Customers ? ? Single Buyers Multi Buyers ?
Ginger Black Analytics Letting the data do the talking